Monday, 9 November 2009


Hello everyone,

just a quickie update...

Divine is back up and rollin' including the store but please bear with us designers who are madly trying to re-upload all our stores one by one as its a very time consuming job!

I have started doing mine today and already have one kit up and running, as it takes approx 30 mins to 1 hr to upload each one bear wth me and I hope to have everything back to normal by Friday.

If you bought my store before the hacking please wait until all 50 products are back live before going to your cart and checking them all out to make sure you get everything, if you have already checked out but not downloaded them I apologise as I believe you will need to re-do it, if you need a new coupon code just send me your original invoice by email to: and I will send you a new coupon code.

I will leave all my old products on my boutique until the 30th of November so that everyone who did my buy my store offer can get what they paid for but then I will be uploading new stuff and the code will no longer be valid so don't dilly dally!

Don't forget if you bought/will buy anything from my store between the 23rd September and December 31st 2009 email me your invoice to be added to the MEGA Prize Draw where you have a chance to win my whole store for the whole of 2010! I cannot simply add you due to spamming laws so you have to email me first (also tell me if you'd like to be added to my mailing list at the same time!).

I will be adding a new Recycle Bin Challenge for November as soon as I can but bear with me, if you entered the October recycle bin please email me your entry and I will send you something special as a thx for taking part!

and last but not least keep watching my store this week as I will be adding lots more freebies which were previously not in my store but were offered for other things and you may have missed the links at the time! and my store will be shaken up a bit and in a different order so you might get to see something you missed first time around!

Have fun!


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