Monday, 23 November 2009

A Designer Organiser

A designer friend of mine is a genius, she is a wonder, I am indebted to her brilliance and generosity. It is because of her ingenuity that my desk is clear, my mind is less brain fogged and my husband has his wife back.

I have spent my time as a designer generally addled, brain full of nonsense, a desk covered in scraps of post it notes, note books, scraps of all sorts and somewhere underneath the chaos a keypad, mouse and tablet emerge occasionally.

But no more!, why? I hear you tell us...

Well Talulla Moon (Kelli Vander Veen) at Divine Digital has designed the most comprehensive designer organiser ever known to man! It is amazing, all encompassing and beautiful!

She has thought of everything every designer will ever need to keep herself on track:
Kit checklist
Ad Manager
Store information
Income & Expense Information
Sketch pages
Commercial Use Information
Collab kit information
Chats & Challenges Info
Coupon Codes
Notes Pages (blank, lined and graph)Full 2010 weekly calendar and month and year at a glance calendars
and so much more......

Its all in jpg and PSD format so you can change it to suit your needs should you so wish but I really can't see how you woud need to as it's so perfect for every designer need & whimm! Its all created at 300dpi and at 8 1/2 x 11 inches it's perfect for printing out on cardstock and creating a beautiful desktop organiser every designer will be jealous of.

So what are you waiting for dash on over while its on 30% discount....

You'll fulfill your New Years resolution, to get organised, early!



lzamojsk said...

I saw that product of Talulla's but since I'm not a design I did not get it. I'm hopping that she makes one up for regular everyday stuff. I did get her Christmas notebooks that she had up before the store had its unfortunate problem with those nasty type people. Maybe one day I'll need the designer orginizer but as my laptop is old and won't even let me load my PSE7 I'll just have to wait - LianeZ

Di at Legacy4Life said...

Hey Penni,

Just popped in to say hi.