Thursday, 15 October 2009

Recommend A Friend Freebie

OK so this is how this works:

You forward this email to as many of your scrapbooking friends as you like, post it on your facebook wall, twitter, yahoo group, DST, in a forum etc etc. asking them to email me to join my mailing list ( and telling them about my $1 SALE and Buy My Store for $9.99 giving them my blog address and Store address too:

If they subsequently email me at giving me your email address/name asking to be put on my mailing list I will send you and them the link for the above freebie, if more than one person gives me your name/email address - for each subsequent person you will receive a $1 coupon to my store, which basically means that if ten of your friends email me you'll have enough coupons to buy my store outright, but don't forget the buy my store offer ends on the 31st so hurry hurry hurry!

Each of your friends may of course pass it on to all of their scrapping friends too as long as the people emailing me give the referee's email address then everyone will get their correct rewards! and of course if anyone buys anything from my store they can email me to be added to my Mega Prize Draw too!

Have fun guys!

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