Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Blog Design

What do you all think of my new blog design? I wasn't keen on the last one...too black, but I do like the deep red of this one! if you like the papers watchout for my October freebie Recycle Bin over at Divine as both of them are in that (greyscale though of course!). But they are PU only folks!

I'd be greatful if anyone who is having a problem with the new design would drop me a note to let me know as I'm trying to suit everyone's needs, I'm looking into doing a floating design which means it would resize itself according to the viewers screen size but I've not quite got my head around that yet!

Don't forget about my Buy My Store Sale, ONLY $9.99 for all 50 products, this will be live until the 31st! Also anyone buying ANYTHING from my store between sept 23rd and dec 31st this year can email me their invoice and be entered into a MEGA Prize Draw to possibly win every new product I release in the whole of 2010!! hardly any customers have emailed me for this as yet so don't forget! (I can't contact you guys as its against the spamming laws!).

I'll be releasing the October Recycle Bin Freebie on the 10th so keep watching....

Have fun guys!


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