Friday, 25 September 2009

BUY MY STORE for ONLY $9.99 & a MEGA Prize Draw!

(click the pic to take you to the product in my store)

That's right I've completely lost the plot!!!

You can buy my store (that's 50 products plus freebies) for ONLY $9.99 that works out at only 19 cents each kit!! Even if you bought my store previously its cheaper to buy it again for the new products than to buy them seperately!

Also I'm running the once in a lifetime MEGA Prize Draw:
Anyone buying anything from my store between now and December 31st 2009 can email me their invoice as proof of purchase and ask me to enter them into my Prize Draw. There will only be one winner. The winner will be given a coupon code that they can use 12 times during 2010 giving them 100% off their purchases. There will be no alternative prize. It is at the discretion of GallimaufryUK when and how many products I release during 2010, whether that be 1 or 100, although I usually release approx 1 product per week.

This prize does not include any products or freebies I offer outside this store. It does not include any products by any other designer or store. It does not include any products I make for mega’s or commercial use collabs elsewhere in the store. IT IS SOLEY FOR THE PRODUCTS WITHIN MY BOUTIQUE. GallimaufryUK has the right to remove kits from her store at any time and without prior notice.GallimaufryUK holds sole responsibility for this prize draw and it is in no way connected to Divine Digital or its partners.

I have also released some more Halloween products which are included in the Buy My Store:

OK I think I have got the madness out of my system for a glass of wine!


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