Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Bed Rest, Bed Rest and more Bed Rest...argh!!! oh and a SALE!

Thanks to everyone who emailed wishing me well and all who have bought from my store during my time MIA so far...

So my operation was nearly two whole weeks away! not something I'd like to go through again I can assure you! I had an adverse reaction to either the morphine or the general anaesthetic and spent the majoirty of the first night throwing up...hmm niiice! NOT! then until 3pm the following day I couldn't pee...something to do with msgs not getting thru! again niiice...NOT!

but here I am and although I have to spend the majoirty of every day lying flat I am quite mobile just mustn't bend or lift anything for a long while yet. The stitches are out and all is healing well...but itchy as hell!

Just wanted to remind everyone that my entire store is on SALE for $1 each kit or you can get my whole store for only $15! and that I will be retiring lots of kits on my return (prob Easter w/e) :

List of retiring products:

all current freebies, All torn up, Wish you were here frames, Paddy's day, All Ickle kits, My Funny Valentine, Peas in a pod, Grandma's House, Elijah, Autumn Soup, Fabulous Fall, Funky Christmas, Bejewelled, Baby's... first Christmas, and Liliths Halloween.

so go grab 'em while you can before they disappear forever!


or here:

or see individual kits HERE:

or here:

Have fun while I'm away, I have lots of ideas for new kits waiting in the wings and can't wait to get going again!



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