Monday, 19 April 2010

Easy Paper Maker Kits Instructions

It has been brought to my attention that some of you who may have bought my Easy Paper Maker Kits may not know how to use them. Or some people might be put off buying them due to lack of experience or knowledge.

I'm afraid I kinda assumed that anyone using them has prior experience of using overlays, templates etc.

I use PSE so I can only really advise on that I'm afraid. In PS based programmes I open the design file, then add a layer, flood this new layer with the colour you wish to make the paper, then in your layers section of PSE you click on the blending modes (Normal, colour burn, overlay etc), I tend to scroll thru them until I find one I like the look of, you can then play with opacity of that layer, you can also then drag any textured layers or other patterned layers you may wish to add on top and follow the same proceedure again and again until you get the desired effect, you may also use brushes to add grungey effects etc to the edges of your paper or whatever you wish to do to it.

Really the possibilities are endless. Of course you can simply infill the actual paper itself by flooding the pattern itself and/or its background with diff colours, or use the colour replacement tool to brush over the whole thing with a new colour.

I hope this helps, if not feel free to ask, if anyone uses PSP or some other programme and can email me instructions I can post on how to use them in that I'd be very greatful indeed.

Have fun!


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CatSlater said...

Thank you, Penni!