Thursday, 14 May 2009

ScrapScrapScrap - a new egroup

Hi all,

I've set up a new egroup! basically I got fed up with all the rules and regulations of all the various digi scrapping e groups out there so I set up my own:

The digital scrapbooking E-group without all the oppresive rules!

Digi Scrappers feel free to snag the freebies or share links to blogs or stores for things you've found (but pls don't share 4shared links or pirated stuff!), ask each other for tips on how to do stuff or just loiter around and chat! (try not to be nasty to anyone tho' eh!)

Digi Designers feel free to advertise your freebies, blogs, sales, stores, forums, challenges, competitions, CT calls, DT calls, whatever! Place as many ads per day as you like as long as you don't repeat the same ad twice in a day that's fine!Simply put a prefix stating the sort of post it is and for what. eg 'AD:CU Blog Freebie' or 'AD:PU kit at my store' or 'CT call at my store' etc just be clear in the heading.

So lets have fun! - please spread the word!


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