Wednesday, 29 April 2009

NDIDDS Goes Live Friday!

Apologies Folks if you've had a wasted trip to to download my kit, apparently they'll all go live together on Friday!

Of course it won't have been completely wasted cos you'll have found a great new site and don't forget their sister site which is the real host of this competition , its just there have been so many entrants this time round that they didn't have enough room for all the kits and gallery entries so they've split it between the two sites.

I'll post my entry here on Friday 1st May!.

When it does go live PLEEEEEAAASE go and download it, also PLEEEAAAAASE post my link wherever you go, forums, egroups, email friends etc. The more the merrier! There are judges judging various aspects of the kits created but I do think that how many people download your kit has a bearing too!

Also don't forget its NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY on 2nd May! so take the phone off the hook, lock the kids in the shed, make a coffee, and get scrapping! LOL!



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