Sunday, 1 March 2009

New Look Blog!

Whoop! Whoop!

Well it took me an age to sort it out ( I always forget that it needs to be 72dpi! LOL!) but I got there in the end, and those of you with wider screens will get a slightly better version (more of the dark brown edging!). Its amazing what one can do with a supermarket yoghurt box and some stamps innit! te he!

I decided that my old brand was too 'in yer face' and didn't always look great next to some colour schemes (even though that was why I had chosen it the first place, I thought that black and white would be great for that!). Also my branding label wasn't working on my previews either.

so wadda ya think girlies?

anyhoo signing off for now...


1 comment:

Dorothy said...

Oh Penni this looks very nice. Lighter colours for going into Springtime...terrific! Great job on your blog...I'm giving mine a makeover this week as well.:)