Thursday, 27 January 2011

3 NEW CU4CU kits in store NOW!

Crafty Cardboard
16 12 x 12 jpg backgrounds and 14 png's all at 300 DPI (not all shown). perfect for use as overlays, textures, elements...whatever! and all are CU4CU/CU/PU/S4H OK!
only $3.99 get it here:

Crafty Blacks
22 12 x 12 jpg textured black craft papers at 300 dpi CU4CU/CU/PU/S4H OK
Only $3.99 get it here:

Crafty Papers
30 handmade paper 12 x 12 jpg's at 300 dpi various shades of greyscale. CU4CU/CU/PU/S4H OK
only $3.99 get it here:
Have fun!

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