Thursday, 14 January 2010

My Funny Valentine New Kit and Challenge

WOW You are just gonna love this new kit.....

From today for 1 week only it is less than half price at only $2 but in 7 days time it will go back to being full price ($4.99). Anyone buying the kit before the 14th February can enter the challenge and get a $1 coupon code back from me, meaning the kit has only cost them $1! They also get the chance of winning a $5 coupon if they win the competition (drawn February 14th).

The Challenge is this:

Using this kit (and only this kit!) design either a LO, a card, any other printable or infact anything you like really (but must be a digital design) and I will pick the one I believe to be the most innovative to be the winner on February 14th (Valentine's Day!).

Don't forget to post your entry in the forum at at this thread here so I can see who I need to send $1 coupons to and also judge each entry for the main prize. If anyone would like to join my mailing list (email me at ) or add themselves to my friends list at Facebook (look me up under Penni Taylor), I sometimes send them freebies or coupons that I don't post elsewhere!

Here are some extra previews to show you some of what you get with this incredible kit:

You can get it here

and above all... Have fun!



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