Friday, 13 February 2009

My First Award! - Yay!

WOW! My first award! I am sooooo thrilled and astounded too! Thanks so much Valerie you have no idea how timely this award is, I am sat watching over my son who is very ill for the third time in 2 wks with some sort of tummy bug (vile), I feel so helpless and useless. so your award has , made me feel useful again! TY!
Anyhoo now I just have to work out how to do this passing on thing...
Here are my nominations:
I wasn't sure if I could add ones that weren't blogs but I'd like to mention the following too:
All I have to do now is go to each of their blogs and leave a message right? OK here goes!
Thanks again Valerie!


craftymug said...

Thanks so much, and congratulations to you on your award. I hope your son will soon be feeling better!!

efie said...

thank you very much for the award
groetjes Efie